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River City Drumbeat

Screening Friday, July 9, 2021

Followed by a live filmmaker Q&A conversation

River City Drumbeat is the story of a couple in Louisville, Kentucky, committed to providing students a way to thrive through art and fight against the obstacles often suffered by the youth in their community. They started a drum corps and taught the students music, discipline, teamwork and pride in their African heritage.


The kids in this program are experiencing a whole new way of facing their future, with confidence in their own abilities and hope for a better life.

Filmmakers: Anne Flatté & Marlon Johnson
Run time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Visit for more information on the film.

Press for River City Drumbeat

“Beautiful… The film listens for this community’s heartbeat, finding its steady pulse just as expected: healthy and strong.”
– Teo Bugbee, Critic’s Pick, The New York Times

“Profound and powerful…River City Drumbeat, in addition to showcasing extraordinary music and talent, is about the collective power of role models; and an example of the sheer force that different personalities can have in shaping destinies.”

“When you find someone who can connect and tell a story it’s bliss. River City Drumbeat is an incredible story of family and tradition and honor, finding your roots, which gives you your wings.”
— Jill Tracey, Host of Hot Talk with Jill Tracey, Hot 105 Miami

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