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Screening Thursday, July 8, 2021

Followed by a filmmaker conversation

Carterland tells the story of President Carter’s foresight in protecting our environment and championing social justice in the U.S. and abroad. Carter was the first global leader to recognize the problem of climate change. Among his accomplishments were 14 major pieces of environmental legislation, protecting the California Redwood forests and adding 100 million acres with the Alaska Lands Act to the National Park Service (doubling its size).


President Carter shows an understanding of the need to protect our environment and problem solve without regard for political parties. Using his intellect, heart and empathy, he demonstrated it is possible to find solutions that serve all people.

Filmmakers: Will & Jim Pattiz
Run time: 2 hours

Jimmy Carter - Grand Teton

“This remarkable film shows why the long struggle for peace, human rights, equal opportunity, and the environment must continue. While we made progress on all these fronts during my administration, there is much more to be done. I am proud of this fine film by the Pattiz brothers, and Rosalynn and I are delighted it will debut at the 2021 Atlanta Film Festival.”
– Jimmy Carter, The 39th President of the United States

“‘Carterland’ is an outstanding look at the hugely underrated Carter presidency—the best, most important documentary about this much-misunderstood man. The film is especially good at explaining how Carter was the greatest environmental president in American history.”
-Jonathan Alter, Author, His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

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